How and where do we produce?

As a family business, we manage our fruit farm to the best of our knowledge and conscience. We honestly stand by what we do, because we are convinced that it is the best for man and nature.
We do not produce "BIO", although this has become very chic, just to sell, but also not so conventional that we would not take into account nature. Our basis is nature, if we destroy this, then we are also at the end. We try to combine the old with the new, because the future is diverse.

Our crops are as diverse as the area where we live. Since our fields are in a radius of up to 20 km, of course not every cultivation form fits on every field. Especially at our sales stand at the B28 we make our strawberries in the tunnel, because they require a lot of attention and the way from our farm to there is not so far. Strawberry fields that are somewhat more extensive in cultivation, we then also have further away, because there we do not have to go several times a day to air in doubt.
We would also like to cultivate smaller fields sensibly and have here mainly plums, cherries and pumpkins where the field size is not so important.

Why use plant protection products at all?

Of course, it would be desirable if we could do without all crop protection products, but that would be like if we all had to do without cars; in the past, that was also possible, but today it is unimaginable. It is the same with our crop protection, which was not there in the past and is taken for granted today. Both in the biological and in our cultivation method, plant protection measures must be carried out. We try to integrate the working methods of organic cultivation with us, such as the use of predatory mites in our strawberry tunnels (see Herzblut, our strawberry tunnels).

But our cultivation has not only something to do with plant protection, but starts much earlier, namely with the planting, is it the right location? And then goes on about the nutrition, how much do I want to fertilize and what about the "life" in the plant. What kind of insects and animals feel comfortable, can I create a natural balance, does it even exist? Do I necessarily want the highest yields and the standardized (shape, size and color) fruits - or am I also satisfied with something less. We believe that if you do not have to sell at the cheapest price, do not require the standardized fruit, then you can do without a lot! In our opinion, fruit produced in our country is more ecological than organic goods from abroad! Just contact us, we will be happy to explain our production method in more detail. Through his purchase, every consumer can also care for and preserve his environment. In addition, it also signals what he wants, and that is then grown so.

Abandonment of herbicides?

The biggest competition of cultivated plants are weeds and grasses, because they take away, for example, the strawberries not only the water and nutrients, but also the light! Anyone who has ever grown or planted something in the garden can tell you a thing or two about it. Usually the weeds grow faster and if you then do not hoe them away, they overgrow the vegetables until they are no longer visible and then suffocate under them.

It is the same with our strawberries, so we also use herbicides to regulate the weeds somewhat. But not only herbicides, but also the well-tried hoe is used every year. Unfortunately, just this manual labor is very expensive and can not be used as the sole weed control. Our goal is not to be weed-free the whole year, but to allow some weeds to grow.

There are positive side effects in our crop management that help us with weed suppression: Bringing in straw to harvest suppresses the weeds for a few weeks. Cultivation on black film ensures that just around the plant does not grow weeds, so only need to remove the weeds in the planting hole by hand. As an alternative to the use of herbicides, special cover films are often used that are permeable to water. However, we do not want to do this over a large area, because then the entire field is covered for 12 months. Here it is just like so often in life, you can not have everything: Either you do without herbicides completely and cover the soil with films, or you use herbicides and leave the soil open for this. We believe that we can use the right combination of these different options.

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