My parents had taken over the farm from Franz and Mathilde (my mother's godmother) Feger after their marriage in 1968 and had developed the initially mixed agricultural business into a pure fruit-growing operation. I can still remember well as a child when we still had cows and pigs, yes those were the days. Over the years, more and more of the arable land was converted to fruit orchards and the associated livestock completely abandoned for lack of time.

From the beginning, the fruit was marketed through OGM Oberkirch, at that time still REO Oberkirch. About 30 years ago, however, we also started to sell part of our fruit directly to end consumers and have expanded this over the last few years. Exactly 30 years after my parents handed over the farm, they passed it on to me and my wife. At that time, one can already speak of a modern fruit-growing farm, which we have also developed further in recent years according to our ideas.

What is always important to us personally is that every person should do what he enjoys. Anyone who enjoys their daily work, nothing is too much for them and then they are also successful. Of course, this does not mean that we have to do some things that are less fun for us, but we run our business according to our ideas and are very satisfied with it.

Nobody knows what the future will look like, only that it will start tomorrow!

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