Our farm is located at the foot of the Black Forest, nestled between vineyards and orchards. In our beautiful Nußbach is also the oldest church in the Renchtal and thus also a sign that this is a special spot.

The versatility of soils and locations is almost unique. We cultivate gently rolling hills, sandy Renchniederungen and deep loess soils - so we can always choose the right location for our plants. The sandy soils have the advantage that they warm up quickly in spring, the plants start early and we are therefore one of the earliest regions in Germany to start harvesting the various types of fruit. Of course, it is also always a little warmer here than in other regions of Germany and we have more hours of sunshine, so of course our fruits taste so delicious.

Despite all the advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that we have in our beautiful region. Thus, the real division (the farm is always distributed to all children) in the past led to the fact that the areas here in our region are very small parceled and thus also complicate the cultivation. Some fields are with us only 1000 square meters, and there you can often not even turn on their own field! Of course, this is not the standard, but it happens. Through various land consolidation and voluntary land swaps among colleagues, we also have larger areas, of course, our largest field is over 40,000 square meters in size - the work is of course more fun and you are also much more efficient.

The original areas are all within a radius of max 5 km around our farm. New areas are very difficult to get with us, because we are in a very fertile area, where there are many farms that are looking for all areas. For this reason we have dared the step before some and have still leased surfaces with Schutterwald. This allowed us to solve our land problem, because especially for our strawberries we always need alternate land, because we do not always want to plant strawberries on the same land every year.

That one can also make very good vacation with us in the area, is of course also logical. The most beautiful time with us is always spring, when the landscape turns into a white sea of blossoms, first plums/cherries and then later the apples. No less beautiful is it with us in autumn, when the leaves change color ... and of course in summer, when there is the delicious fruit.

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