Pumpkin waffles


200 G Pumpkin meat
200 G soft butter or margarine
100 G Sugar or brown sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
1 Pinch of salt
3 Eggs (size M)
75 G Wheat flour
2 TL Baking powder
75 G Dr. Oetker Classic Food Starch
100 G ground almonds


step 1
Preheat waffle iron to highest setting. For the batter, finely grate pumpkin flesh.
step 2
Beat soft butter or margarine in a mixing bowl with a hand mixer (whisk) until smooth.
step 3
Gradually add sugar, vanillin sugar and salt, stirring until a bound mass is formed.
step 4
Stir in each egg for about 1/2 minute on high speed.
step 5
Mix flour with baking powder and cornstarch, sift and stir in briefly in 2 portions on lowest speed.
step 6
Finally, fold in the pumpkin and almonds.
step 7
Turn waffle iron down to medium heat and lightly grease. Pour in batter in small portions and bake waffles over medium heat until golden brown.
step 8
Then serve with fresh applesauce or powdered sugar.
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