Chocolate strawberries


Your favorite chocolate to dip the strawberries in
Some chocolate (e.g. white chocolate) for the stripes
Decoration, e.g. brittle sprinkles, colored sprinkles, hooked pistachios, rasp chocolate


step 1
Line the base with baking paper and provide the strawberries.
step 2
Heat favorite chocolate and the chocolate for the strips in the microwave.
step 3
Holding the strawberries by the stem, dip them into your favorite chocolate and let them drip for 2 seconds, then place them on the baking paper.
step 4
Now dip a fork into the second chocolate and quickly swirl it over the strawberries from right to left to create stripes on the strawberries.
step 5
Then you can sprinkle your decoration on top and let it dry.
Little insider tip

Chill the strawberries a little but not too cold so that the chocolate does not mist.

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